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Narcissistic Abuse Counsellor

I’m Matt Fox, a parental narcissistic abuse and childhood emotional neglect recovery expert; here to help you stop the second guessing and
rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem so you can live the life you deeply long for.

What would it be like if:

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    You felt confident and great about yourself again
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    You could be more secure about your close relationships, and not attracting more narcissists into your life
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    You could trust others and feel safe in your emotional life
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    You could tone down the people pleasing without losing touch with your values
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    You could reduce your anxiety or tolerate it better
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    You could be free of the harsh self-critical voice
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    You could find peace of mind and greater joy
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    You could know and trust yourself, finding the path you really long for in life
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    You could quit the patterns of self-sabotage and live to your potential
  • You could connect with your deepest longings and dreams and see them realised

I can help you with all this and more.

Right now, I know the chances are that life feels very tough:

  • What seems easy for others - connection, self-confidence, boundaries, being in touch with your body, trusting and knowing yourself - can all feel alien and unfamiliar
  • Add to that the feeling of aloneness and being on the outside, and you might be feeling overwhelmed, stuck or just terrified of life continuing this way.
  • The impact of narcissistic abuse ripples out far in to your life. Not just finding a way of having or not having a relationship with your parents. But in your work choices, friendships and of course your intimate relationships.
  • Your deepest longings and dreams are mere whispers and you despair of ever seeing them come true

How To Find Joy, Connection And Inner Peace

The good news is that you’re in the right place.

My name’s Matthew Fox.

My deepest passion is helping people like you, overcome the shackles and hurts of childhood narcissistic abuse to be able to live a fulfilling, joyful life.

Where you can let go of the second guessing, low self-esteem and self confidence. To tone down the people pleasing, without compromising your values. To experience greater inner peace and purpose without pushing yourself so hard all the time.

I believe in each person’s longing to fulfil their deepest calling and potential.

From my first day as a coach I noticed that most of the people who showed up in my practice shared a similar piece in their story: one of their parents was on the narcissistic spectrum or they’d experienced some other form of childhood emotional neglect.

I chose to specialise in this area, and over the years have developed a unique way of working that uses a little-known but powerful approach called the Three Principles, combined with my core training as a therapist of Psychosynthesis and Mindfulness.

It’s my privilege now to work with women and men who’ve experienced parental narcissistic abuse or childhood emotional neglect.

I’m one of the few specialists in this type of abuse.

Can I help you to find your joy and inner peace?

Other Important Information

I am a life coach, trained in working with the 3 Principles and previously have been an accredited psychotherapist.

I am fully insured and my work is regularly supervised.

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