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Heal from narcissistic abuse

If You're Struggling With Anxiety, Overwhelm, People-pleasing...

Here's How You Can Heal and Live The Life You Long For... 

Support for Childhood Narcissistic Abuse and Emotional Neglect

If you’re really driven but anxious a lot of the time… your esteem is at an all time low.. .you second guess yourself ... you feel like you’re running on empty...you people please and feel powerless over it... you’re struggling to know how to pick yourself up after narcissistic abuse… then you’re welcome here.

My name’s Matt D Fox. I’m a self-esteem and narcissistic abuse recovery specialist and I work with people just like you to heal from narcissistic abuse.

The thing is:

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    When you’ve experienced narcissistic abuse, your self-confidence is often on the floor
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    It can be hard to know and trust your mind, without second guessing yourself
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    Trusting others is a big issue too
  • You can get caught in waves of anxiety. Feel like you're on the outside. Never feeling good enough.
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    And yes. You’re probably used to working out things by yourself. Even though recovering from narcissistic abuse by yourself is really tough
  • You have a feeling that there is so much more to your life, but feel lost and uncertain how to live it to your full potential

How To Recover from Narcissistic Abuse

The longer you leave things, the worse they can get.

To the point, where it’s really hard to see yourself having valuable, nurturing, reciprocal relationships at home and at work.

You can hope that somehow things will get better. But often, anxiety grows. Social anxiety starts to make a show and depression too.

You might find yourself unsure of your direction in life. Unclear about your deepest longings and values.

You’re so used to people pleasing or being driven by your perfectionism, it’s almost impossible to know how to change course.

You can be sure of this though:

Working harder won’t change things. Nor will drink, shopping, sex, drugs or any form of distraction from inner pain.

Self-help can bring greater understanding, sure. But does it bring transformation?

You might already be in therapy, but if your therapist doesn’t have a deep and full understanding of the psychology of narcissistic abuse, there’s a chance you will make little progress and a real risk of you ending the therapy prematurely.

Or you could be stuck in the same place for years.

What if you could live the life you truly long for?

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

If you’re ready to reclaim your life, take charge of your needs and really make the life you want, I’m here to help.

As a coach specialising in narcissistic abuse, I have used my own personal experience,  in-depth training and years of working with people just like you to devise a unique narcissistic abuse recovery program. 

I know what it feels like to be stuck, trying endless therapies and types of support over the years and investing tens of thousands of pounds in the process. At best, these approaches provide temporary respite. At worst, they leave you feeling even worse.

My system uses a little known but highly effective new approach to psychology called the Three Principles. It's being used to extraordinary effect in many settings, including by top athletes, celebrities and in community projects.

The amazing thing about it, is that it brings about changes simply, without delving into painful traumas, and has a positive impact on all areas of your life.

This program is specifically designed to help children of narcissists bring about deep healing and empowerment, so that you can:

  • Grieve the childhood you never had and let go of the despair for what was not given
  • Feel and safely express the anger you harbour to others, but dare not voice
  • Transform your guilt and shame to be free of their bind on you
  • Develop a healthy relationship with your mind, feelings and body to act as a powerful compass for your decision making
  • Protect your inner vulnerability and still your inner-critic, so you can make freer choices
  • Set boundaries and contact limits with greater ease
  • Mobilise resources that support you rather than drain you
  • Connect with your deepest wisdom about what and who you want to be in your life
  • Create a sustainable plan of action to keep you on course for the life you want

This is more than just coaching for narcissistic abuse. It’s a complete program of transformation, based on a new psychological understanding that brings rapid transformation.

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