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Why You Always Feel Empty, Whatever You Try

Counselling and Coaching for Adult Children of a Narcissistic Parent and Childhood Emotional Neglect

If on the surface your life seems fine, but you feel empty inside and alone… if you feel like you’re on the outside looking in… if you second guess yourself all the time… and please others before yourself…if you feel guilty, anxious, overwhelmed…then you’re in the right place.

My name’s Matthew Fox and I specialise in working with people just like you.

The thing is:

the longer you ignore feeling this way, the worse it gets. You may think you can work, self-help or exercise your way out of this. But for most people none of that works:

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    These feelings are hard-wired into your body
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    Most of the time you react without being aware of what’s happening 
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    You’ve been conditioned to feel this way
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    However smart you are, you can’t think yourself better
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    Shame and guilt get in the way of anything changing for the better

I imagine if you’re here, you can’t take much more of feeling this way. Pretending it’s all ok. If only you could start to feel better:

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     Freer to live life as you want it
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    Putting yourself first, guilt-free, without compromising your values
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    More self-confident, with higher self-esteem
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    More able to make the choices you want
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    Like you’re in the driving seat of your life, not just a spectator.

Because living this way for the rest of your life is not a viable option. It just hurts too much.

Let’s find a way together to help you move out of the struggle, stuckness or overwhelm.

How To Live The Life You Want

I know this place well. I’ve been there, feeling like I was going through the motions. Not really getting why I never felt satisfied.

At my core, not really believing I was loveable or worth much.

Always restless and wanting more or different. Acting out with overwork or unhealthy eating.

And if it’s not that,  just replace it with anything else than numbs pain: alcohol, drugs, sex, computer games, porn, shopping.

What saved me?

The transformational power of working with a therapist who really got me, my pain, my stuckness. Someone who also saw the light in me and believed in my right to exist, my innate lovableness.

Later when I trained to be a therapist, I chose to dedicate myself to working with people whose wounds I most deeply understood. Those who:

  • Feel lost and unsure of who they really are
  • Feel invisible, driven by perfectionism and people pleasing
  • Have had their self-esteem and self-confidence crushed

Those who have suffered at the hands of a narcissistic or emotionally neglectful parent.

The Route To Inner Peace And Freedom

Over the last five years, I’ve developed a transformational way of working, informed by a little known but powerful new psychological approach called the Three Principles alongside a deep psychology called Psychosynthesis. This approach is powerful and simple. Rather than taking you into painful past feelings, it short cuts your healing and quickly helps you get to the root causes of your suffering.

Unlike some approaches which take a long time and only deal with surface level symptoms, this new approach gets to the heart of your experience and leads to a complete transformation so you can live the life you truly long for.

Using this approach, I can help you with:

  • How to feel more confident about yourself and your decisions
  • How to feel less anxious and tolerate your anxiety better
  • How to be at peace with your relationship with your parents and siblings
  • How to get your needs met without feeling guilty
  • How to have a healthy relationship with your anger
  • Powerful ways to feel secure about your intimate relationships and friendships
  • A way to feel connected, relaxed and joyful day to day
  • How to feel energetic and better rested
  • A roadmap for feeling hopeful about your future
  • Ways to become clear about your true nature and purpose in life

This work with me is perfect if you want to:

  • Leave behind your excessive perfectionism or people pleasing without abandoning your deepest values.
  • Find deeper and more meaningful relationships with partners, friends and colleagues
  • Feel less anxious and stressed about your life and getting it right
  • Feel comfortable in setting boundaries with family, friends and colleagues
  • Shake off patterns of depression and feel more alive
  • Reduce compensating behaviours like TV, Shopping, work, Social media habits, comfort eating, numbing with alcohol, drugs or sex*

*If you have been diagnosed with an addiction, I’m not the best coach for you. I recommend you find a specialist addiction therapist or work with a 12 step programme. 

The Time Is Now. Do You Have The Courage To Take The Next Step?

If not now, when? Life is too short and too precious to stay stuck in pain and indecision.

If you could look back at yourself, 20 years down the line, would you give yourself the gift of transforming your life?

If you could invest in anything right now, would you invest in your peace of mind and happiness?

Finding a way of living your life where you truly own it, truly feel present, joyful, confident in yourself, could be the best decision you ever make.

I know from my own experience and many years of this work, that you’re probably used to fixing stuff yourself. You’re probably fiercely independent and don’t like asking for help.

And yet you’re here. Thinking of taking that vulnerable step. That’s amazing in itself.

You won’t find many specialists in this area. I’m one of very few qualified therapists working with adult children of narcissistic parents.

Places to work with me are limited, so be kind to yourself. Take action now and get in touch for a free initial conversation. You’ve nothing to lose, and a whole life to gain.

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit to work together and take it from there.

There is nothing more precious than your life. Live it well. Live it now.

Ready to take the next step towards inner peace?

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Be Kind To You... 

Whatever the fear, the problem, the nightmare you’re lost in, there IS a way forward. And I’ll walk alongside you everystep of the way.

Childhood narcissistic abuse is a form of trauma. You may not relate how you’re currently feeling to this childhood experience but it can have a profound impact on your adult life:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thinking
  • Difficulties with intimacy
  • Co-dependency
  • Counter-dependency (where you are over self-reliant)
  • Addictions of all forms
  • Trust issues
  • Body issues (somatic pains and illnesses)
  • Work stress
  • Isolation and loneliness

As a BACP accredited counsellor, therapist and coach, I have many years of experience in this highly specialised field. I can help you come through your pain and suffering to experience your life feeling more connected, more joyful and more at peace.

You need to be confident that the person you’re working with gets what it’s like to have experienced parental narcissistic abuse. You want to be sure they’re equipped to guide you gently and kindly towards a new way of being.

My passion as a coach and therapist is to help those who’ve suffered at the hands of a narcissistic, emotionally neglectful or controlling parent get over their past hurts to live the life and relationships they truly long for.

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