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Overcome low self esteem

Did Your Upbringing Crush Your Confidence?

I Can Help You Overcome Low Self Esteem... 

 Coaching for Adult Children of a Narcissistic Parent and Childhood Emotional Neglect

If your self esteem is at rock bottom… if you don't like what you see in the mirror...if you work incredibly hard, but feel like an impostor and underserving of your success...if you automatically assume you're in the wrong...if you struggle to feel positively about yourself… if you second-guess yourself… and give yourself a hard time at the slightest mistake… you’re in the right place.

I’m Matt D Fox, and I specialise in self esteem therapy,  to help people just like you to boost self esteem and rediscover their power and self-confidence. Particularly after narcissistic abuse and emotional neglect. Or being raised by highly critical parents.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering about how to improve your self-esteem and increase your self-confidence.

I can say this for sure, staying the same isn't an option. Not if you want to live the life you really long for. Right now, probably:

  • check
    You feel like an impostor at work, or in your relationship
  • check
     You question yourself at every turn.
  • check
    You beat yourself up all the time
  • check
    You self-sabotage, putting the things you long for out of reach.
  • check
    Anxiety is always present or on the horizon.
  • check
    You experience social anxiety, panic attacks and sleep issues.
  • check
    Depression comes and go, and might really stick around.
  • check
    Your body is under chronic stress.
  • check
    You might under or over eat, experience cravings or other ways of acting out.
  • check
    Your sensitivity is a gift and a burden. Attuned to others’ needs, yours often go by the wayside.
  • check
    You compensate by turning up the perfectionism or people pleasing.
  • You feel unattractive or unworthy

If all those things feel painful, uncomfortable and unsustainable, perhaps now is the time for change.

Perhaps it's time to connect with the life you really want and deserve to live.

How To Build Self Esteem

So what's the cost to you of leaving things as they are?

Sadly, low self esteem isn't self-correcting. It would be great to wake up one day, and it was all good.

You can hope that it'll be that way. But more often than not, that's just wishful thinking.

Low self esteem can deny you the relationships you crave, the job you really want, the enriching friendships you deserve.

You’re so used to feeling low in worth, it's become habitual.

Maybe now it's time to break the pattern.

The trouble is, deep and lasting change isn't easily gained: 

  • You can try to work your way out of low self esteem.
  • Or numb it with alcohol, food, shopping, drugs or sex. But none of that works.
  • You can try self-help but more often than not, it doesn't transform how you feel.
  • You might already be in counselling, but low self esteem from childhood emotional neglect or narcissistic abuse is a complex and sensitive area. If you're not with the right therapist or coach, you might not make the breakthrough you want.

And the worst thing? You could be stuck in the same place for years.

Self Esteem Recovery Program

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As a coach working for many years with adults who were raised by a narcissistic or emotionally neglectful parent, I’ve perfected a radical program of transformation. This recovery program can really help increase your self esteem, tone down your self criticism and people pleasing.

Based on a little known but powerful psychology called the Three Principles, my approach goes to the root causes of the issues, where many others just scrape the surface. And it creates lasting change.

I can help you boost self-esteem with a unique method of recovery.  Without the pain of digging into your past or the slow process of analysing how you've got to where you are.

This program will show you radical ways to enhance self esteem by:

  • Understanding the root of your esteem issues so you can make sense of them and get some distance from the pain and suffering
  • Grieving the life you haven’t been able to live, including what happened in your childhood
  • Connecting with all your feelings and values to help guide you in your decisions
  • Transforming your relationship to guilt and shame so you can act with greater freedom
  • Soothing and supporting yourself and toning down the self-critical voice to give you more space to be yourself
  • Changing your relationship to anxiety so you can tolerate it and calm yourself 
  • Setting boundaries with confidence so you feel powerful and respected
  • Identifying the resources and tools to support you to be the best version of yourself
  • Reclaiming your deepest sense of purpose and joy, so you can live feeling connected with yourself and others

Have you had enough of feeling like you deserve to be last in the queue? Are you ready to transform your life?

If the answer is yes and you want to reclaim your sense of self and your power, get in touch.

This isn't just self esteem coaching, it's a complete program of transformation which will help you life the life you want.

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