Narcissistic abuse recovery case studies |

Case Studies

Stop The Second Guessing, Tone Down The People Pleasing And Rediscover Your True Power

If you're wondering what kind of transformations and changes you can expect from working with me, you can read some examples below.

These are drawn from many typical stories of people I have worked with over the years.

Ellen's Story

As Ellen approached her 40th birthday, this was the final straw. Another put down from her mother about her appearance. To her mother, she said nothing. In private she collapsed in tears of despair and frustration. This was no way to live.

Ash's Story

This was it. Tomorrow Ash was going to resign. The work situation with his boss was getting so bad, that he felt he was going mad. There was just this little voice that kept saying, is it her, or is it me. He just had to know.

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