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Childhood emotional neglect

Rediscover Your Self-confidence, Reclaim Your Self-esteem:
Recover From Childhood Emotional Neglect

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You often feel empty inside
  • You rarely feel good enough
  • It's hard to know what you really feel about something
  • You second guess yourself
  • You tend to be a perfectionist
  • You have loads of time and kindness for others, but not yourself
  • You are ultra self-reliant

If you said yes to three or more of these statements, you may well have experienced childhood emotional neglect. The more you say yes to, the more likely it is.

Childhood emotional neglect  is a term coined by Dr Jonice Webb in her book Running on Empty. In it she explores how many struggles in adult life with self-esteem, relationships and work can be traced to childhood experiences which don't fall under the classic 'trauma' categories.

She sets out 12 types of parents whose parenting style may have impacted you in this way:

  • The narcissistic parent – absorbed in positive self image above all else
  • The authoritarian parent – demanding and controlling
  • The permissive parent – struggles to impose any boundaries
  • The bereaved parent – lost in their own grief
  • The addicted parent – caught up in numbing their own pain
  • The depressed parent – disconnected from their feelings and those of others
  • The workaholic parent – avoiding intimacy and connection through excessive work
  • The parent caring for someone with a special need – focused deeply on the welfare of another
  • The achievement focused parent – always expecting more
  • The sociopathic parent – unable to empathise and connect with others’ feelings
  • Child as parent – needing inappropriate levels of emotional support
  • The well-meaning but neglected parent – very harmed by their own experience of neglect

If you're struggling with self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Or find relationships challenging. Or have a difficult or ambivalent relationship with one or more parents or caregivers, then maybe I can help.

Feel Empowered And More Free To Be Yourself

I specialise in helping people like you through the impact of childhood emotional neglect.

With my help, you can rediscover your self-confidence. Get to know and start to trust in your feelings. Start to be able to say no more confidently. Feel more energy and connection with others.

If you're struggling, let's work through this together.

Coaching for childhood emotional neglect can help get over your childhood hurts so you can live the life you want.

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