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I'm incredibly privileged to do this work. To help people on their journey to reconnect with their true nature, their true selves.

To be a companion to help them move away from periods of enormous self-doubt, anxiety, destructive patterns and feelings of powerlessness. 

Here are just a few examples of what some previous clients have said about their work with me, which I'm sharing here with their permission (some names changed at the client's request.)



I felt like my past, my childhood would haunt me forever. That I would always repeat the destructive patterns I had brought into adulthood with me. That I would always be drawn to relationships with people who were abusive and controlling . I had enough of living my life that way. I had had enough of the anxiety , walking on eggshells, the panic, fear, deep sadness and anger. The rollercoaster of emotions… I wanted to get off!


I felt from early on in my work with Matt, that he not only had the professional qualifications, but that he truly understood my pain. I felt at ease with him. He has walked alongside me every step of the way, with endless kindness and patience. For the first time in my life I felt safe to be truly honest about my painful and traumatic childhood. Through our work together I have gained so much self awareness. I was saddened at first to realise how strong and unkind my inner critic was . How I didn’t know what my needs were or how to get them met. How I had spent my entire life people pleasing and unable to set effective boundaries. How I had allowed that cycle of abuse to continue into my adult life. I knew I couldn’t continue to live my life that way.


Now I feel completely different from the person who walked through that door.  I feel lighter, so much more alive. I have a sense of inner peace and calm that I never thought was possible. Of course there are bumps in the road. There are times when my mood is low or I get caught up in the painful thought storms. But I know now that it will all pass. That I will find my balance and return to my place of calm and peace. I know I am strong and I know I have choices. I choose who I allow to be in my life. I choose which thoughts to follow. I’m more comfortable in setting boundaries and sticking to them. I challenge my inner critic and replace the unkind words, with the kindness I would show to a friend or a child. I challenge the people pleasing and think more carefully  what I’m willing and able to give. I know now that everything I need to take care of me I have inside of me. I have the wisdom and resources . I don’t need to look externally.


The list of benefits of my work with Matt are endless. I’m so glad I choose to take this route . It’s been truly life changing. I feel excited and free to explore the next chapter of my life.



Before working with Matt, I assumed this was just how my life was going to be and I'd just have to deal with living under a cloud of lack of confidence, anxiety and depression but after seeing these big improvements I now know that is not the case.
I'm glad I didn't give up before I found Matt. 



I just wanted to say though thank you for all your help this year, its been a real journey  and our sessions have been a great help in helping me untangle my thoughts and to understand more about narcissistic abuse. It was a real comfort to talk to someone who immediately understood and identified with the feelings and behaviour I was talking about. This was a real comfort as it's very easy to think you are being 'too sensitive' or feel you are going mad. I feel our sessions have given me the clarity and confidence I was hoping for and has shown me the path I need to walk towards healing, I now just need to walk it. Thanks for your help on the journey Matt.



When I first started working with Matt I found it difficult to see where I was in my life.  I am disabled and had received pretty unhelpful reactions from various positions  I had applied for. I was very depressed, and didn't know what to do.  

Matt determinedly helped me focus on what I actually valued in my life -  that is how I could actually appreciate how I was valued.

The Three Principles have been of great help to me because they have flagged up how I can get completely 'off target'  and negate what are positive thoughts I have.

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