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I'm incredibly privileged to do this work. To help people on their journey to reconnect with their true nature, their true selves.

To be a companion to help them move away from periods of enormous self-doubt, anxiety, destructive patterns and feelings of powerlessness. 

Here are just a few examples of what some previous clients have said about their work with me, which I'm sharing here with their permission (some names changed at the client's request.)



I felt like my past, my childhood would haunt me forever. That I would always repeat the destructive patterns I had brought into adulthood with me. That I would always be drawn to relationships with people who were abusive and controlling . I had enough of living my life that way. I had had enough of the anxiety , walking on eggshells, the panic, fear, deep sadness and anger. The rollercoaster of emotions… I wanted to get off!


I felt from early on in my work with Matt, that he not only had the professional qualifications, but that he truly understood my pain. I felt at ease with him. He has walked alongside me every step of the way, with endless kindness and patience. For the first time in my life I felt safe to be truly honest about my painful and traumatic childhood. Through our work together I have gained so much self awareness. I was saddened at first to realise how strong and unkind my inner critic was . How I didn’t know what my needs were or how to get them met. How I had spent my entire life people pleasing and unable to set effective boundaries. How I had allowed that cycle of abuse to continue into my adult life. I knew I couldn’t continue to live my life that way.


Now I feel completely different from the person who walked through that door.  I feel lighter, so much more alive. I have a sense of inner peace and calm that I never thought was possible. Of course there are bumps in the road. There are times when my mood is low or I get caught up in the painful thought storms. But I know now that it will all pass. That I will find my balance and return to my place of calm and peace. I know I am strong and I know I have choices. I choose who I allow to be in my life. I choose which thoughts to follow. I’m more comfortable in setting boundaries and sticking to them. I challenge my inner critic and replace the unkind words, with the kindness I would show to a friend or a child. I challenge the people pleasing and think more carefully  what I’m willing and able to give. I know now that everything I need to take care of me I have inside of me. I have the wisdom and resources . I don’t need to look externally.


The list of benefits of my work with Matt are endless. I’m so glad I choose to take this route . It’s been truly life changing. I feel excited and free to explore the next chapter of my life.



Before working with Matt, I assumed this was just how my life was going to be and I'd just have to deal with living under a cloud of lack of confidence, anxiety and depression but after seeing these big improvements I now know that is not the case.
I'm glad I didn't give up before I found Matt. 



I just wanted to say though thank you for all your help this year, its been a real journey  and our sessions have been a great help in helping me untangle my thoughts and to understand more about narcissistic abuse. It was a real comfort to talk to someone who immediately understood and identified with the feelings and behaviour I was talking about. This was a real comfort as it's very easy to think you are being 'too sensitive' or feel you are going mad. I feel our sessions have given me the clarity and confidence I was hoping for and has shown me the path I need to walk towards healing, I now just need to walk it. Thanks for your help on the journey Matt.



When I first started working with Matt I found it difficult to see where I was in my life.  I am disabled and had received pretty unhelpful reactions from various positions  I had applied for. I was very depressed, and didn't know what to do.  

Matt determinedly helped me focus on what I actually valued in my life -  that is how I could actually appreciate how I was valued.

The Three Principles have been of great help to me because they have flagged up how I can get completely 'off target'  and negate what are positive thoughts I have.



Working with Matt got me from a place of apologising to the world for who I was to feeling alive and on fire and free. Our conversations have challenged me to grow, to identify my needs and to actualise them. I no longer feel alone or relentlessly self-punishing. In fact I no longer punish myself at all. I accept and embrace myself, knowing that I am a beautiful person who can channel unique creativity, that I can love and be loved in abundance. I am making changes in my love life, in my professional ambitions and creative projects that have arisen from my time with Matt. I am on a path where I am increasingly, unashamedly me. 



8 Week Break Through Course & One Hour Video Coaching Session

I have recently availed of this with Matt who I found to be very kind and gentle and I felt an instant rapport with, because of his own story.  I think it definitely helped me knowing that someone had been through similar circumstances to me, who understands your story better.

Even in the short 8 weeks and the one hour video coaching session, he changed my way of thinking totally. For years I have always been thinking of the past and that is definitely what has been holding me back. Yes I'm depressed and suffer from anxiety, have aches and pains and have had myself in a rut for 10 years. I set my boundaries, which have continually been broken. You must for your own sake and family's start thinking of the future. Something just clicked with me and that's what I intend to do. I'm not saying it's going to be easy and that I'm going to just get up and all is going to be alright but I HAVE started my journey and I intend to move forward leaving the negativity behind me.  Thank you Matt.




Matt is very well-versed in the narcissistic personality disorder and the far-reaching consequences the families of those afflicted with NPD incur. This makes him a valuable asset to anyone dealing with such an individual in their environment. Matt has provided great support and guidance during a stressful period of my life. He has helped me clarify my feelings, which in turn was essential in making more effective decisions. Bottom line, I wholeheartedly recommend Matt to anyone who wishes to become a more rounded individual and cope better with challenging circumstances. 

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