How to deal with a difficult sister or brother |

How to deal with a difficult sister or brother [video]

You might fantasize about having the ideal sibling relationship. But the reality?

Your relationship with a brother or sister isn't what you want it to be.

You were hoping for an ally, someone who gets what being in your family feels like. Instead you've got someone who picks a fight, sides with mum or dad. Or just gives you the cold shoulder.

Or their version of reality is completely different from yours. They don't see things as you do. When you try to talk about it they shut you down. Or deny your experience. Or gloss over it.

This video  isn't about fixing all that. It takes two to do that, right? But if you have a toxic relationship with a sister or brother, it will help you. We'll take a look at what feels difficult in your relationship with your sister or brother and give you 5 clear and simple strategies for dealing with it for greater inner peace.

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