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Low self esteem and depression counselling totnes, paignton and newton abbot

The secret highly driven people don’t want you to know

The brave face, the disarming smile. On paper Ellie* has a lot going for her. She’s the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with. People gravitate to her and have done throughout her life.  She describes herself as driven, in all she does. Work has gone well. She studied hard at school and […]

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Being in control: anxiety counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

The truth about being in control

Sometimes the world feels a scary place. And I’m not talking just about floods, famine, wars, random acts of violence.  Even the day to day can feel overwhelming and anxiety making. Do you find yourself worrying what might happen when your family gets together,and who might say what to whom? Or your colleagues want to […]

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Does counselling work? Counselling totnes, paignton and newton abbot

Can I ever know how something will turn out?

You know those moments in life when you have a yearning for certainty? There’s a deep pull inside which says you wish you knew what would happen if… you made that choice, placed your bet on that horse, took the left road rather than the right. If only fortune telling were easy. So does counselling […]

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Falling out of love with work: work and career counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

Why falling out of love with work might be the best thing ever for you

 It’s Sunday night. For most of the weekend your mind has been elsewhere but suddenly you become aware of a knotting in the stomach. A tightening of the forehead. A sense of foreboding. It’s work tomorrow and that doesn’t feel good. Actually it feels terrible.  How did it get to be like this? Somehow you […]

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The real reason you don't go to counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

The real reason you don’t go to counselling

When you look at yourself, you wonder are you really that broken? Or you think, Counselling? That’s way too self-indulgent. You can sort yourself out. You should be able to get through this (whatever this is) without help. I mean, only people with ‘serious’ problems go to counselling. Anyhow, what would your family think? It’s […]

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