The real reason you don't get heard |

The real reason you don’t get heard

It happens again and again.

You express a need. It's met with denial, outrage or dismissal. 

You're left bewildered. On the verge of collapse or maybe rage.

You're told you come across as controlling or domineering.

It's hard to calibrate how you ask for things, when you aren't used to doing it.

Or have low expectations of getting those needs met. 

Because that's what happens when you experience emotional neglect or narcissistic abuse.

It's a muscle that never gets the opportunity to develop.

I've recorded this short video about how you might get needs met.

And I also share a fundamental idea about an innocent misunderstanding we have about needs and others.

Please add a comment and thumbs up after the video - I love reading your comments and it helps to get the video seen by more people.

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