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definitive guide to parental narcissistic abuse

The definitive guide to parental narcissistic abuse (and recovery)

You may already be thinking, why does your relationship with your parents feel so out? Life might feel overwhelming, confusing and lonely as a consequence. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you feel or how to shake off the anxiety and second guessing. If you’ve landed here, you might already have an inkling that one […]

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how to get your needs met and heard

The real reason you don’t get heard

It happens again and again. You express a need. It’s met with denial, outrage or dismissal.  You’re left bewildered. On the verge of collapse or maybe rage. You’re told you come across as controlling or domineering. It’s hard to calibrate how you ask for things, when you aren’t used to doing it. Or have low expectations of getting those needs […]

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how i stopped being a self-help junky

How I stopped being a self-help junky

There was a time in my life when I would never ask for help. Even now, it’s not my first instinct. I’m used to sorting out my problems by myself. Call me a self-help specialist, if you will. Ironic for a therapist, I’d say. You might say it’s independence. Or some might describe it as stubbornness. At the heart, though, I think […]

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anxiety after narcissistic abuse

Overcoming anxiety after narcissistic abuse

You’re in a cold sweat. Anxious thoughts are running through your mind again. You stop to ask yourself: Why am I feeling this way? Anxiety and narcissistic abuse go hand in hand. It’s probably the one thing, alongside depression, that most sends people to get help, whether they know they were raised by a narcissist or not. This video […]

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8 ways to set boundaries after narcissistic abuse and emotional neglect

Boundaries: 8 rock solid ways to set them after narcissistic abuse

Your phone beeps. It’s another late night request for help. ‘Can you just pop round tomorrow to sort out the…?’ The doorbell rings. Your parent is at the door unannounced. ‘I found this great new top for you and while I’m here I’ve been wanting to sort out that messy cupboard of yours for a while.’ ‘Your […]

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why you don't ask for help after emotional abuse

After narcissistic abuse: 10 reasons you won’t ask for help

You say to yourself: It’s not that bad. These difficulties you have with mum or dad could be worse. Maybe it’s you, not them. Maybe you’re imagining things. If you’ve experienced parental narcissistic abuse or emotional neglect, it’s really hard to find your internal compass. So what can you do? Well being here is a great start. This post […]

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