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Raised by a narcissist? 30 startling signs

With all the talk about narcissism and narcissistic abuse, you may be wondering, does this affect me?

If your parent was on the more extreme end of the spectrum, there may be little doubt in your mind, that childhood was uncomfortable, complicated, challenging. You may even describe it as abusive.

But for many, their experiences were more coloured. Your parent may have exhibited many narcissistic traits or been emotionally unavailable to you, but you may not have thought of them as narcissistic.

I've put together three short videos on the signs that you might have experienced narcissistic abuse. These aren't about diagnosing a parent, but getting a sense of your own experience as a child and adult. And how your childhood may have moulded your adulthood.

Part 1: Signs 1 - 10 of Narcissistic Abuse

Part 2: Signs 11 to 20 of Narcissistic Abuse

Part 3: Signs 21 to 30 of Narcissistic Abuse

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