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The ultimate no contact guide

If one of your parents is a narcissist and you’ve been reading up on how to deal with it, you may be wondering:‘I hear about no contact all the time. But what is going no contact all about? What are the implications? How can I be sure it will work…?’ Well, you’re all set here. In […]

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definitive guide to parental narcissistic abuse

The definitive guide to parental narcissistic abuse (and recovery)

You may already be thinking, why does your relationship with your parents feel so out? Life might feel overwhelming, confusing and lonely as a consequence. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you feel or how to shake off the anxiety and second guessing. If you’ve landed here, you might already have an inkling that one of your parents […]

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Overcoming guilt after narcissistic abuse

The secret to ending underserved guilt

Guilt’s been on my mind a lot this week. How it creeps into you. Takes you by surprise. Causes constriction and doubt. Stops you in your tracks. If you grew up with emotional neglect or in a narcissistic family, you probably have a hair trigger guilt response. The slightest thing – a look, a phrase, a silence – can […]

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Feeling lost - depression counselling totnes and torquay

A letter to the person who feels all hope is lost

As the shadows grow longer, you exhale deeply. Night is coming, and it feels both a shelter and an interminable hole. Wherever you turn in your life, the exits seem blocked, the options for freedom or choice dwindling or limited. The drum beat and drone of a persistent hopelessness play out their mournful rhythm. Life […]

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Making time for yourself - counselling totnes and torquay

7 questions to ask if you can’t make time for yourself

Is this the refrain of our age? Not enough time. Too much to do. So many commitments and responsibilities. It can seem an impossible conundrum as your life moves on. You have family ties and friendships to maintain, work and or personal interests, households to run. How can it ever be possible to fit it […]

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