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What to do when you don't like yourself depression counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

What to do when you don’t like yourself

Do you sometimes look at yourself and say, ‘I wish I wasn’t me’ or ‘I don’t like myself much?’ I’m not talking about your personal looks here, though that can come up too, but more who you are inside. There’s a niggling voice that says you aren’t all you could be; you haven’t achieved what […]

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Feel stuck with no choice- Counselling in Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott with Matt Fox

What to do when you feel you have no choice

‘There’s no point even thinking about it’, says Adam*, ‘it’s not like I have a choice.’ We’ve been talking for half an hour, and the topic that comes up again and again in our sessions is how stuck Adam feels in his relationship. Faced with things staying the same, the only other option, in his […]

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