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4 reasons you won't speak your mind - Anxiety Counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

4 reasons why you won’t speak your mind

    You’re getting on the bus and the person behind you is talking loudly on their phone. It’s not just talk though. The language is foul, aggressive, abusive. You look round briefly. Inside there’s a conversation going on, do you say anything, do you keep quiet, do you look to others to intervene or […]

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3 reasons you find it hard to trust - anxiety counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

3 reasons why you find it hard to trust and you feel so anxious

‘She’s bound to let me down’ ‘He doesn’t really like me’ ‘She’s only saying that because she feels sorry for me’ ‘That’s not what he’s really thinking about me.’ Do you ever have any of these narratives go on in your head? It’s a bit like watching TV. On screen the people are saying one […]

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The real reason you don't go to counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

The real reason you don’t go to counselling

When you look at yourself, you wonder are you really that broken? Or you think, Counselling? That’s way too self-indulgent. You can sort yourself out. You should be able to get through this (whatever this is) without help. I mean, only people with ‘serious’ problems go to counselling. Anyhow, what would your family think? It’s […]

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