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9 difficult issues with brothers and sisters family counselling totnes, paignton and newton abbot

Tricky brother or sister relationship? 9 roles you might be playing

‘We’re not that close. Sometimes I wonder if she’s even my sister.’ ‘He’s like my best friend. I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life all the time.’ If you are a sibling, maybe you resonate with this first view having a tricky relationship or a distant one with a sibling. Or perhaps you’re […]

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The real reason you don't go to counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

The real reason you don’t go to counselling

When you look at yourself, you wonder are you really that broken? Or you think, Counselling? That’s way too self-indulgent. You can sort yourself out. You should be able to get through this (whatever this is) without help. I mean, only people with ‘serious’ problems go to counselling. Anyhow, what would your family think? It’s […]

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